5 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Aerial Fitness

I'm worried about this addiction you have to pole dancing...

Attending All The Classes

The first sign you might have an aerial fitness addiction is the sheer number of classes you attend each week. Aerial classes are such a great workout and they are so much fun. For the addict, you simply can’t get enough of this adrenaline-pumping challenge in your life. Trust me, I understand all too well how addicting these classes can be. There is always something new to learn and techniques to improve upon.

Saving up for an Aerial Apparatus

Chelsea excited for her new pole to arrive!

All these aerial classes are great, but your wallet might not think so. Aerial classes can be expensive, especially if you are trying to attend them all. Not only do these classes break the bank, but you just cannot get enough. It gets so bad that you start to crave more the second you get home.

Wishing you had an aerial playground of your own to practice all the fun things you just learned. You are in so deep to your aerial fitness addiction that you are ready to get your very own aerial apparatus. These aerial toys are quite the commitment, they are expensive, and require adequate space and proper mounting, whether it is a pole, lyra, or silks just to name a few.

Your Social Media = All Things Aerial Fitness

Now that you’re attending all the classes and have your own apparatus, all of your social media begins to reflect your habit… I … I mean hobby.

Sure, some people that can’t relate may unfriend or block you, they just don’t get it. All you post about are your aerial accomplishments; a new trick here, perfecting a combo there, sharing competition videos and all the aerialist memes. You just can’t help yourself. You know what’s better than a selfie? An aerial selfie! I know all to well, hell; I’m one post away from being a full-blown pole addict myself.

Talking/Thinking Normally Is Difficult

Not only are you posting about aerial in your online life, but your real life isn’t any different. You can’t keep from talking about your aerial lifestyle and how everyone should try it. Friends and colleagues begin to worry about you and your…hobby, wondering if you are, in fact, “in too deep.”

Word spreads about the bruises and minor injuries from all the “flying” you’ve been doing. They gossip about how much you talk about it and are concerned you’re covering up something more serious than “aerial fitness.” You know that all it takes is for them to try it once and they’ll be hooked too. If only you could convince them… but it’s hard enough just trying to explain what aerial fitness IS to some people.

When you’re not posting or talking about high-flying feats, you sure do think about it. A LOT! You become somewhat of a space cadet, lost in your own mind watching your favorite aerialist’s performance over and over again, trying to dissect every move they made and going over every combo wondering how on Earth they pulled it off so gracefully.

Inverted Dreams

Sleep is no escape from your aerial fitness addiction and lifestyle. You have vivid dreams of what it must be like to be the best lyra artist or win all the pole championships. You’ve even dreamed about ways you could leave the 9-5 workweek. If only you had more time to dedicate to this unicorn lifestyle, you could be great. Dreaming of all the places you would travel, all the workshops you would teach, all the crazy performance hair/make up, and how breathtakingly graceful you would be. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! Back to reality (sigh).

Aerial fitness is an amazing thing. It’s a great workout, even better stress reliever, and its fun as hell! So, attend all the classes, get your favorite flying apparatus, post all over social media, talk/think all you want, and NEVER stop dreaming. Who cares what others think or how, “in too deep,” you are. You have something to be passionate about and not everyone can say that. The aerial community is so warm and welcoming so, get out there and stay aerial strong!

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Chelsea Kotlowski

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Hi guys, I'm Chelsea! Pole dancing is not just my sport of choice, but my passion. In high school, I realized how much I loved to dance; however, being on a dance team was out of the question because I was not a "trained dancer." Then, I found pole dancing. I took my first pole class January 2014 and that was all she wrote. It's only been a short time, but I can't imagine my life without it now. Pole dancing is the perfect display of strength and grace, and I find it completely fascinating. I love it to so much, I started teaching in August 2015. I even registered to compete in my first pole competition in April 2016. Every day, I am inspired by the people I teach and the instructors I train with. Visit Chelsea on the web HERE.
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