Launch day has finally arrived!

First thing’s first…. a little about us. We are a husband & wife team located way down in sunny southern Florida. I have been poling for about 4 years, ever since some unfortunate health problems led me to a local and newly opened studio. I obviously fell in love with the sport, and when I met my husband a little over a year later, he too (after the shock wore off) saw the merit in this type of fitness.

Just as any other aerial enthusiast, I adore finding new “gym” clothing. I constantly found myself giggling at a meme and thinking “that needs to be on a shirt”. One day while I was scrolling Pinterest, my husband just happened to look over and see a pole related tank top on my screen. He said, “You know, WE could do that.”

I instantly started bubbling over with ideas. Within a few minutes, we were planning our online boutique. Lucky for me, I am married to a web designer. So, while he was designing and building the online store and promoting it, I got the fun job of sitting around coming up with ideas for tanks and accessories that I would like to wear.

We are opening with 7 designs, but we have an insane amount in the works. Pole, Silks, Lyra, Aerial Yoga, Trifly, male, female, old, and young … we plan to have something for everyone! So, don’t don’t forget to check back often! And PLEASE share our site with everyone on your social media!