New Years Resolutions: Keeping and Achieving Goals

The start of a new year gives people the sense of a fresh start; a time to try new things, get rid of old habits, or better themselves. Everyone starts off with a bang! But after a couple weeks, most people tend to drop their resolutions. How do you make goals you’ll keep?


You have your big goal set–lose weight, gain muscle, eat better, create a brand new routine–and you’re ready to go! But how do you get there? Setting a giant goal can feel daunting and it’s easier to get discouraged and give up. Set smaller goals along the way. These can be daily, weekly, or milestones. If you want to create a new routine, start out with one move you want to put in there. It can be a trick you’ve already learned or a new one. Once you’ve gotten that down, add on. Create a beautiful transition in and out of it. Then create a sequence with multiple tricks. Soon enough you’ll have a whole choreographed piece!

So many rewards when you set goals and new years resolutions for pole dance fitness.

Do one thing a day that will take you closer to your goal (and yes, resting counts). All of these smaller goals will add up and contribute to your big goal, but you’ll reach them sooner and feel accomplished, which will keep you motivated to keep going!

Write It Down

Writing them down takes your dreams from your mind and puts them into the world. I prefer a pen and paper, but use whatever works for you. Put it somewhere you’ll see it every day: the mirror, the background of your phone, your fridge. This will remind you of what you’re aiming for. Write down your big goals, your medium goals, and your small goals. When you reach a goal, check it off! There is something so satisfying about crossing off an item. On any list!

Document everything. At the end of the day write down what you accomplished, even if it wasn’t originally on the list. This will be a good reminder of how far you’ve come when you get stuck. Take pictures if it’s applicable. You can’t always see the changes on yourself, but with pictures you’ll be able to tell your muscles gains, flexibility gains, all the gains, over the year.


Letting other people know what you want to accomplish can help immensely. Pick a couple people, or the internet, and tell them your resolutions. They can give you tips, advice, encouragement, and lovingly shame you if you abandon your goals. It’s even better when they join you on your journey. You can send each other motivational texts in the morning to get each other pumped, or let each other know when you went to the gym or nailed a new trick. It’ll feel great to celebrate with a friend.


As with any journey, there will be bumps in the road. You’ll have crappy training days, or regression with your flexibility, or have a day where you get nothing accomplished. This is normal and totally okay! Start again tomorrow. Don’t wait until a new week or a new month or a new year, start again right away. Every day is a fresh start. Don’t beat yourself up over a little failure. Acknowledge it, learn from it, and keep going. Messing up can push us toward what we really want.


New Years Resolutions for pole dance and aerial fitness can help you achieve much more.

What better way to give yourself motivation than rewarding yourself when you hit a goal? This will give you something else to look forward to when you hit your goals. Make a list of different rewards you’d like and assign them to your small, medium, and large goals. When you hit a small goal, you could reward yourself with your favorite treat. A medium reward could be a new pair of leggings. A large reward could be a massage. Whatever you think you deserve for busting your ass.

These are my medium goals for the new year. I also have small goals (stretch 6 Days a week) and large goals (one block oversplit). I feel I’ll be able to accomplish my medium goals for sure this year. And if they’re all I tick off and don’t get to my large goals, I’ll still be happy. It’s progress! The more I’ve simplified my goals, the easier it seems to achieve and I’m less stressed about them.

Bonus tip: give yourself a deadline for certain goals. This will push you to work harder for what you want. Good luck!

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