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There are so many firsts when it comes to pole dancing. I’ve compiled a list of top 5 unforgettable pole firsts. If you’ve gone through any or all of these, enjoy your trip down memory lane. If you’re new to pole, take note at the amazing memories still to come and document as much as you can!

First Class

Most of us remember our first class and all the emotions that came along with it. There is so much anticipation before you even take the class. I remember talking about it with my friends and forcing them to take the class with me weeks before we even stepped foot in the class. The day finally arrived and I showed up, as most newbies do, in yoga pants. The room was full of newbies in pants and nervous looks. I remember feeling completely awkward, clumsy, intimidated, weak, but extremely determined. I left the studio that night thinking this could change my life.

Most of the emotions we feel during that first class are somewhat defeating in an empowering way. You learn that pole dancing is a lot of hard work … but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can be great. I believe it is that desire to achieve gravity defying tricks that brings us back. If you’re still toying with the idea of taking pole lessons, go for it! You’ve got nothing no lose and so much to gain!

First Pair of Heels & Pole Outfit

Getting your first real pole outfit and heels is another fond memory you typically cherish. Your attire for the first several weeks, if not more, is usually an old t-shirt and basketball or running shorts. The instructor always looks amazing in her polewear and heels, but it’s hard to imagine ever feeling comfortable enough to wear that stuff. The more you go, the more you consider buying a cute matching outfit designed for pole.

You start making justifications about why you need that Bad Kitty or Super Fly Honey outfit, “wearing less is more, right, and why shouldn’t I look fierce? I can hardly go to class dressed in basketball shorts and a beater!” Truth is, it feels great to get fresh pole gear! It somehow keeps you motivated and makes you feel strong and sexy! If you’ve never purchased pole gear then it’s time to test the waters, but be warned, it IS addicting. I know the perfect place to get all the awesome pole gear you could ever need at the best price.

First Invert

I’ll never forget getting my first invert! It was such a magical moment where you feel on top of the world! Everyone is cheering you on and you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to! That first step to take your pole dancing to the intermediate level can be scary. You’re not exactly sure what to expect, but you do know it will, at some point, involve going upside down. Up to this point you have more than likely done all upright spins and holds staying very close to the ground.

I have a fear of heights so the prospect of climbing, inverting, and doing tricks upside down was a huge deal to me, but I was determined not to let my fears stop me! I had to keep reminding myself of all the cool things I will learn and one day do. How could I ever learn that butterfly if I let the fear of being high up and inverted stop me? No way!

First Routine

Some studios host in-studio competitions or student showcases where students get a chance to show their family and friends what they’ve learned. Performing your first routine is the most nerve racking thing I’ve ever done and I will hold that memory close to me always! Not only did I get out there and do something I never thought I could do, I felt great about the performance and won the crowd favorite vote!

We all question ourselves before hand. “Is this good choreography? Will they like it? What if I fall or mess up?” These are all things that run through your mind before you perform, but you gain so much from putting yourself out there and stepping out of your comfort zones. You’ll never know what you can achieve if you never try.

First Injury

I’m not talking about pole kisses, pole burn or a torn callous. I’m talking about an injury that had you sitting the next few plays or season out type of injury. You know it the moment it happens, and you’ll remember it like it was yesterday for the rest of your life. You replay that moment over and over. You discover what went wrong and go over all the what ifs in the scenario. You might even go through some depression depending on your limitations and recovery time. It’s frustrating but, like performing, I learned so much about myself and pole during a recovery than I would have if it never happened. All you can do is hang tight, do what you can, and come back stronger.

There are a lot of firsts when it comes to pole dancing. Whether you’ve hit them all or only a few, pole dance is a journey not a race. Enjoy all of your accomplishments, big or small and don’t give up! I left the studio that night after my first class thinking this could change my life. And it did! Happy poling Bunnies!

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Hi guys, I'm Chelsea! Pole dancing is not just my sport of choice, but my passion. In high school, I realized how much I loved to dance; however, being on a dance team was out of the question because I was not a "trained dancer." Then, I found pole dancing. I took my first pole class January 2014 and that was all she wrote. It's only been a short time, but I can't imagine my life without it now. Pole dancing is the perfect display of strength and grace, and I find it completely fascinating. I love it to so much, I started teaching in August 2015. I even registered to compete in my first pole competition in April 2016. Every day, I am inspired by the people I teach and the instructors I train with. Visit Chelsea on the web HERE.
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