Cleo’s Black ‘N Metallic Hot Pants


Sexy scrunch butt hot pants with wide crotch designed for pole dancers. Made with metallic black and your choice of shocking colored fabric with signature Cleo Lightning Bolt label.

  • 80% nylon • 20% spandex
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Metallic Pants & Metallic Shorts for Pole Dancers and Aerialists

We are selling Cleo The Hurricane’s Black ‘N Metallic Hot Pants for aerial fitness workouts and performances. Pole dancers all over the world have discovered the amazing fit and sexy look of these metallic pants. Providing the perfect blend of appropriate coverage and sexy appeal, these metallic pants will make you look amazing.

Cleo The Hurricane's signature Black 'N Metallic Pants in silver.

There are other types of metallic pants on the market, but these hot pants from Cleo are the best. At a very low, affordable cost for the amazing type of metallic pants they are, you will love these shorts the moment you wear them the first time.

Check out Cleo's Black 'N Metallic Pants available at Aerialist Boutique

Purchase Our Metallic Pants and Metallic Hot Pants Now

Don’t miss out on these amazing metallic pants from the world renowned Cleo The Hurricane. Her brand is setting the pole dance fitness world on fire! Look sexy and sleek in these hot pants with a shiny, sexy metallic color. Comes in both metallic silver and metallic pink! You’ll love these so much!

These sexy and stylish metallic pants are perfect for pole dance fitness and other aerial fitness performances.

Our customers rave about how well these metallic pants fit, and how much coverage they provide during pole dance routines. Yet, they still look sexy and amazing!

If you want to look hot while pole dancing but still feel confident, choose Cleo’s Black ‘N Metallic Pants, available right here at Aerialist Boutique. We have sold hundreds of pairs of Cleo pole shorts and would love to have YOU as our customer, too.

Cleo The Hurricane Signature Hot Pants

Cleo The Hurricane is world renowned in the pole dance industry. She has her own line of sexy, yet functional hot pants and leggings. We are proud to offer Cleo brand pole wear to our customers. These metallic hot pants are sexy while still providing the function you need in a pair of aerial fitness shorts.

We have several styles of Cleo’s hot pants, and these are some of the most popular. Try one of these shocking pink or silver pole dance hot pants today!

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