Cleo’s Sonic Siren High Waisted Leggings


Cleo's Sonic Siren high waisted leggings are designed for Rock N' Roll Mermaids to shine like sparkly fish tails. From human to mythical Mermaid, your legs will be transformed!

If you have ever worn Cleo's hot pants, you already know the quality and durability of her brand. We are so excited to offer our aerialists a mermaid style legging that is intended for even the most intense workouts!

  • 80% nylon • 20% spandex
  • Highest quality fabric & foil print. Designed for all aerial workouts.
  • Inseam: 28 inches, longer than usual for mermaids to wear over heels.
  • Size Chart

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High Waisted Leggings in Mermaid Scale Print

If your lifelong dream is to become a mythical mermaid, then this is step 1 in your transformation. Cleo The Hurricane’s new Sonic Siren High Waisted Leggings is an absolute must-have for your aerial fitness apparel collection.

The new Cleo The Hurricane high waisted leggings are durable yet sexy for your pole dance fitness and aerial workouts.

These high waisted black leggings are as durable and functional as they are beautiful. Designed to endure the rigorous workouts of pole dance fitness and other aerial disciplines, these high waisted leggings will hold up well.

Look sexy and mythical in these Sonic Siren leggings, brand new from Cleo.

Sonic Siren High Waisted Leggings – Brand New!

Limited stock available on these super popular durable mermaid high waisted leggings from Cleo The Hurricane. Developed by a pole dancer, you know these leggings are tough and ready to work.

Pole dance fitness, aerialists like silks and hoop will love how these high waisted leggings fit and how they feel when you’re working out. Don’t worry about tearing or ripping a seam in these durable leggings. They will hold up to Lyra and pole, as well as more strenuous yoga and acroyoga poses.

Aerial fitness high waisted black leggings, perfect for the wannabe mermaid

If you love mermaids then you’re going to die when you see these amazing leggings. Tough, stretchy material in a shiny black or silver color, your legs will disappear and become a mermaid tail during your workouts and routines. These sexy leggings will have the audience convinced you really are a mermaid the next time you take the stage to pole dance.

You have always loved Cleo's Sonic Siren material, now it's available in sexy high waisted leggings

Cleo signature style and performance can be expected with these high waisted black leggings as well as the style that comes in silver. The mermaid scale print glimmers and shines in the lights. You will love how you feel and how you look when you wear these amazing new pole dance high waisted leggings.

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