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Dallas: Lone Star Circus

Dallas won the circus arts lottery when Fanny Kerwich decided to make the lone star state her home. An 8th generation French circus performer, Fanny does it all: hula hoop, aerial, clowning, you name it. She originally founded Lone Star Circus School...

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7 Stages of Pole Dance Injury Grief

Injuries are a common evil in a pole dancer's life. There is no good time for an injury, but they usually happen in the most unwanted and unacceptable moment, when you finally started making some progress with your stretching or before an important event. Let me walk you through several stages of a pole dancer's worst nightmare, based on my personal experience...

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The only way to overcome fear on the pole is to continue to face it.

4 Greatest Pole Challenges

With the New Year comes a host of new challenges. Here are 4 of the greatest challenges you will face when it comes to pole dancing. If you’re considering pole dance for fitness as part of your New Years resolution or you’re a seasoned poler stuck in a rut, this just might save some frustration for the newbies and remind the seasoned vets of their accomplishments.

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