Why It’s Okay to Spend (a lot of) Money on Pole Dance

In my experience, non-polers usually frown when they hear how much their pole dancing friends and colleagues spend on studio memberships. Pole classes are pricey. Your friends would be even more shocked if they knew the amount of money you spend on pole clothes, shoes, grip aids and fitness equipment.

If you are really into pole dance, buying “normal” clothes and shoes might have lost its appeal and now your collection of pole clothes is steadily growing. Maybe you feel a bit guilty when you purchase another outfit or when you book a workshop.

You shouldn’t!

Pole dance is the most beneficial addiction of all

This addiction is actually one of the rare addictions that are great for your body and mind. I know people who spend fortunes on habits that are detrimental for their health, but with pole dance you get strength, flexibility, confidence, new friends, sexy moves and a creative outlet. So go for it! If you want to budget, cut out sugar, cigarettes, booze and any other drug out of you life, but splurge on your pole lessons.

Your pole equipment can be recycled

The line between polewear, swimwear and underwear is extremely blurry and one piece of clothing can easily change its purpose. Unlike scuba diving equipment or boxing gloves, you can wear tops and sports bras to you pole class, gym or yoga classes, the same goes for leggings and leg warmers. If Helen Mirren can wear Pleasers at a premiere, you can wear them outside pole studio, too. When you buy a pole, it can be resold without losing much of its price, because a piece of steel doesn’t change much over the time.

One day it could become your way of earning a living

Being an instructor/studio owner/competitor is not a very lucrative career, but if you have passion for pole and you love teaching, you can turn your hobby into a career. Michelle Shimmy used to be a lawyer, Natasha Wang was a PR professional for 8 years, Michelle Stanek taught history of art, but they quit their jobs (and many other non-famous people) because they loved pole dance too much.

Or maybe you already teach or own a studio?

In that case, pole clothes and shoes are your uniform and you want to look best at your workplace. Investing in workshops is investing in your career.

Every $ spent on pole dance is developing the pole dance industry

Pole brands support the competitions and athletes by providing prizes and financial sponsorship. And we want pole dance to grow!

So… see, you really shouldn’t feel guilty about your recent expenditures!

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Nina Ivanovic

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I am addicted to watching pole videos and I have been passionate about pole dance since September 2012. There are many pole dancers whose dancing skills I admire, but my favorite artists are Sergia Louise Anderson and Marlo Fisken. I love static flows, contemporary dance floorwork, backbends, good storytelling and authenticity. I am a sworn napper, day-dreamer and the queen of procrastination. Apart from pole, aerial arts and dancing, I love animals, travelling, cycling and partying. My dogs are my favorite creatures in the world. I am a vegetarian and I will never say no to a cup of strong black coffee, wine, falafel and sushi. Visit Nina on the web HERE.
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